Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Ian Lindsey was able to spend his childhood in a locale that others can only dream about. He comes from a long line of Waimea ranchers and has learned to love and respect the land and its raw beauty. His roots run deep into the earth where he finds his inspiration and drive for capturing breathtaking images of nature.

Growing up along the Pacific, surfing and spending so much of his life in the water… Ian finds comfort and intense enjoyment being in the waves and in the environment he loves so much. Living in Puako, which happens to be a little beach town within a stones throw of the ocean, Ian enjoyed watching the sun set every day from his own backyard. Inspired, he picked up a camera and began to capture this surreal beauty. Since then, Ian Lindsey has developed a style all his own, which expands to much more than sunsets. With a hunger for more, he's traveled around the world from the medieval villages of Europe to the volcanos of Central America.

"I love the way a camera allows you to capture light in the way it was when you where there, a moment frozen in time. Photography allows you to put unique perspectives on things that would otherwise seem ordinary. It has completely changed the way I view the world around me. I now find beauty in things that often get overlooked. These photos are a product of my passion, and I hope you find as much enjoyment in them as I do."

Aloha, Ian Lindsey